Fundraiser handmade Zebra brooch unique to Where The Wilde Things Are - designed in Melbourne

Emile, Zebra Brooch

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Zebra Brooch - Emile

Each one of our zebra brooch designs has been brought to life by a team of talented hand embroiderers. Being individually handcrafted, part of their charm is that no two zebra brooches will ever be exactly the same. If you'd like to choose your individual zebra brooch, please contact us so we can email you back with a selection.

We have named our zebra Emile, after the French naturalist Emile Oustalet, who in 1882, first described the now endangered Grevy's, or Imperial, zebra. Thee Grevy's zebra is taller than other zebras with larger ears and narrower stripes, but we like to think our Emile's features are a happy blend of all 3 beloved zebra species. 

We donate $10 from the sale of each Emile brooch to For the Love Of Wildlife, Australia.