Giving Back

Find out more about the organisations we support, to help raise awareness and funds for them to continue their great work. 


For the Love of Wildlife addresses the demise of the world’s wildlife by working from the top down, engaging governments and decision makers globally. Collaborating with Nature Needs More, it is the aim of this organisation to modernise the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to address the rampant legal trade, worth more than US$320 billion a year, and that will have an enormous impact on the ever increasing illegal trade.  

We chose to become involved in fundraising for this organisation when we learnt how alarming and immediate the extinction crisis had become. We realised someone had to help and we wanted to be amongst those 'someones' who want future generations to grow up in a world with lions, giraffes, rhinos and many other globally threatened species. 

 As part of our fundraising initiative we have designed a range of appealing animal brooches, which are individually handcrafted by a village of artisans in India. For every brooch purchased we have pledged to donate $5, to support the work of For the Love of Wildlife.


Golden Retriever Rescue

Hi I'm Charlie,

It surprises many people to discover that there are Golden Retrievers who need rescuing, but like any other dogs, sometimes Golden Retrievers are mistreated, unloved, cast aside, or not looked after properly.

Being part of a family of animal lovers who have supported Golden Retriever Rescue and other animal rescue groups for some years, I am flattered to have been asked to pose for the design of this brooch, which will help raise awareness and funds to support the work of many dedicated people who rescue Goldies not as fortunate as myself. 

Golden Retriever Rescue Inc is a registered animal welfare charity and a respected rescue organisation, committed to the care, welfare, rescue and re-homing of Golden Retrievers in need. To date GRR has rehomed over 2000 Golden Retrievers.

Please buy a Charlie brooch and I will make sure $5 from your purchase goes to GRR.

Lots of licks,