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Kim Necklace

Kim Necklace

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Mala Bead Style Necklace

Kim is a cool Bohemian style mala necklace, inspired by Buddhist mala beads, which are used to help focus the mind for meditation, or to count mantras in sets of 108. There is a 109th stone (the guru stone) to mark the beginning and end of the mala or mantra, which symbolises gratitude and a connection to the divine. 

Our version has a few more than 109 beads and is really just for its pretty looks. With a handmade silk tassel that sits on the upper torso, it can easily be paired with one or more shorter necklaces, or worn knotted (which is how I wear mine). 

Handknotted between each bead on silk thread, this is a beautiful quality piece blending coloured agate with brown jasper. 




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