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The Muse short jacket, colours of the earth

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Beautiful Saree Jacket

Your choice of a Muse sari jacket makes you part of a new chapter in the life of a vintage silk sari.

Our talented 'Once I Was A Sari' tailors in India carefully select each sari for its beauty and quality, to refashion into a modern garment, designed to showcase the splendor of the precious fabric.

The beauty of each item lies in its imperfection, with any minor inclusions being your assurance of an unrepeatable handmade item. We call it perfectly imperfect!

Each Muse jacket is free size and comes in its own silk bag, fashioned from the silk off cuts, to minimise any wastage. No two are the same, even if cut from the same Sari, so you may find 2 or even 3 that are somewhat similar, but most designs are stand alone one of a kind.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Saree Jacket Design Using The Zero Waste Fashion Approach

The garment bag has been fashioned from the silk off cuts, to minimise any wastage. Please enjoy the enduring pleasure of The Muse, knowing its creation has left a smaller footprint on our planet. 

*** supporting zero waste fashion ***


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