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Verdant Green Gum Brooch, by Erstwilder

Verdant Green Gum Brooch, by Erstwilder

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The latest collection of fine feathered friends, fresh florals and interesting insects from Erstwilder's latest collab with artist, Jocelyn Proust.

Hand-assembled from a selection of stunning resins and featuring a combination of printed and painted details, this Green Gum Blossom brooch is part of the third Erstwilder x Jocelyn Proust Designs collaboration. A suitably soothing addition to any attire, the Verdant Green Gum can be worn with our Pastoral Party necklace or any of our complementary Essential designs.

52mm x 64mm (H x W)


Green represents growth, but also balance and calm. And if we were determined to make sure that this story contains a rhyme, we'd say you could use this soothing gum blossom as a balm.


52mm x 64mm (H x W)


Resin brooch with hand finished detail.

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