Who Made Your Clothes? a story of uncycling & sustainability.

A Story of Sustainability Spanning Two Continents.

There is no beauty in the finest cloth, if it makes for hunger and unhappiness.        Mahatma Ghandi

The Once I Was A Sari Collection is a story that spans two continents. Sari traders travel through India, visiting homes to obtain saris no longer required by the original owner. These saris often arrive in textile markets having passed through several hands, where they are graded and sorted for quality, condition, pattern and desirability. Any with threads of silver or gold are most highly prized.

Our tailors carefully make their selections for repurposing into garments, so the silk must be of a specified quality and the colours and patterns that work with our aesthetic. New garments are designed to showcase the splendor of the precious silk and we love some of the detail these silks display, for example there may be mismatched sleeves where one could be cut from a contrasting border and the other from the body of the sari, resulting in one of my favourite design principles...assymetry,  with balance.                                                                                                              
The beauty of each item lies in any imperfections, with any minor inclusions being your assurance of an unrepeatable handmade item. We call it perfectly imperfect!

You can enjoy the enduring pleasure of these garments, knowing their creation has left a smaller footprint on our planet. Each piece comes in a garment bag which has been fashioned from the silk off cuts, to minimise any wastage. 

*** Supporting Zero Waste Fashion ***

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