Who Are We?

Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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Thank you for visiting us at Where The Wilde Things Are.

I'm Ingrid Wilde, owner & creator of our brand & this is our story...

This pic was taken in Ubud, early in 2020 and I'm so happy I had the chance to rest up in one of my fave spots before our world went into a tail spin!

Where The Wilde Things Are was created to share our personal travel experiences with our community, through unique and meaningful products, sourced sustainably from our travels, both around Australia and the world. We source products for their beauty and authenticity, which tell a story about the people who created them and/or the places where we find them. Whether created through age old techniques, or ethical modern methods, all the products we bring to our community are ethical and meaningful.

Our aim is to give our customers the same joy that we feel when we discover value aligned products from our journeys both close to home &around the globe, so please join in as we introduce new products to you, as we find them.

At the core of everything we stand for, you will find sustainable and ethically made products, ensuring that you can shop for, wear and gift beautiful pieces, knowing that your pleasure doesn't come at the expense of our planet, or its global citizens. 

I have been designing & creating fashion accessories since 1990. I am still enjoying this under the Wilde at Heart label here on this site. Everything you see under that label is made in my Melbourne studio, in the Dandenong Ranges.


Many thanks,
Ingrid xxx