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Disrupt Invisibility and Step Up to Your Power

Disrupt Invisibility and Step Up to Your Power

What's it like to be a woman over 45? What's it like to realise you've become 'invisible'? I found it really confronting to discover there is an 'Invisible Woman Syndrome' as I remember about 15 years ago, feeling this in a store, when everyone around me was being served and, okay, I'm not very tall, but I felt that I actually couldn't be seen!
Blogger and author Nikki Parkinson, on her website, says Invisible Woman Syndrome is “a very real problem”. The 49-year-old has made it her mission to help everyday women find their own personal style and remain relevant.

“As women, we are always going to have negative thoughts — they’re always there in the back of our minds,” she says, "but we need to learn to flick them away and focus on the positive.”

When it comes to disrupting invisibility Nikki says that even small changes can be a big step in the right direction.

“Don’t think that clothes and makeup are superficial. Use them as body armour to give you the lift you need, even if it’s putting on some lippy before you leave the house,” she says.

“But the very best thing we can do as women is to compliment each other. Every time you are with another woman — either a friend, a colleague or a stranger — give them some praise. Not only will it make them feel good, but you’ll feel good as well."

So remember, women 45 plus, are not only a powerful economic force, we are a wealth of knowledge and experience with the strength to pick each other up and keep on going.

Step Into Your Power and support your sisters!
You've got this.

Ingrid. xxx

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