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Wilde at Heart

Bumble Bee Earrings Brass & Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Bumble Bee Earrings Brass & Swarovski Crystal Earrings

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Swaying gently below these fat bumble bees are deco style teardrops of Swarovski crystal, in a choice of jet black or clear crystal. It's easy to imagine these busy honey gatherers, bimbling along gathering pollen, but for now they will happily swing along on your ears, bringing your joy merely by wearing them. 

For bee fanatics, or for collectors of the unusual & quirky, these earrings may just bee for you.   

Fashioned by hand in Melbourne, these earrings have been designed as part of the Wilde at Heart, Kitty Galore & Friends Collection, to either accompany a necklace, choker or to wear alone. drawing the eye towards your face and neck area.

* Materials: Vintage brass, Swarovski crystal (in either jet black or clear crystal).

* Length: 

* Can be made to order.



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