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Where The Wilde Things Are

Storm Glass

Storm Glass

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Modelled on European 18th Century ingenuity, this is the ideal gift for those who are curious, interested in meteorology, that hard to buy for someone in your life, storm chasers or someone who enjoys aesthetically pleasing decor & the unusual. The storm glass was popularised by Admiral Robert Fitzroy, following his voyage on the HMS Beagle. The Teardrop Storm Glass sits on its wooden stand at a choice of many angles. 

How the Storm Glass works is not fully understood, although it seems that electromagnetic changes in weather patterns activate the chemicals/crystals inside the sealed glass chamber, as the air pressure alters.  

Changes in the crystals & what that indicates:
A: Clear Liquid
Bright & sunny.
B: Cloudy Liquid
Cloudy weather, which may predicts thunderstorms and rain.
C: Small Stars in Liquid
Humid or foggy weather
D: Large Flaky Crystals, which may resemble snowflakes
Snow in winter &/or cloudy skies
E: Threads of Crystals At The Top
Windy Weather
F: Crystals At The Bottom,
Jack Frost may be on the way



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